Friday, October 12, 2012



We came and we are here to stay. Located in Puerto Rico’s most famous and local tourist area to be: Everything but Match are here to stay. Who are we and what do we do? Easy*

With just 6 years old Valeria Sofia, (store owners daughter) created a t-shirt, home decor and accessory line. After participating in Puerto Rico High Fashion week last year Valeria had a total of 12 local interviews from magazines, newspapers and television shows. Due to her success “Everything but Match” is today the only Children’s Concept Store in Puerto Rico.

With a variety of merchandise and 26 local artists who collaborate in every piece of art whether it is for décor, accessories or wearable fashion; this Concept Store brings life and excitement to everyone who steps in.

Join us or Visit us at out space,
This is just the beginning of our journey,
With love,
Everyhing but Match